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Doctoral Postion in Biomechanics and Bioinformatics

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  • Doctoral Postion in Biomechanics and Bioinformatics

    Doctoral position in Biomechanics and Bioinformatics

    Institute for Biomedical Engineering
    Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and University of Z├╝rich


    This project is set in the field of experimental biomedical engineering and
    connects biology, medicine and engineering.

    Bone is a dynamic tissue that can readily adapt to new physiological and
    mechanical environments, both in normal day-to-day activities and in
    disease. However, the mechanisms for either anabolic (addition of bone mass)
    or catabolic (loss of bone mass) bone adaptation are not well understood.
    Mechanical loading plays an important role in bone adaptation however little
    is known about the mechanisms involved in the load-induced anabolic effects
    in trabecular bone, and there is strong evidence that load-regulated genes
    play an important role. This project aims to establish an animal model to
    study load-induced anabolic activity in trabecular bone, and to identify the
    genes related to the trabecular bone adaptation using functional genomics
    and bioinformatics.

    The successful applicant will adapt, design and build an in-vivo loading
    device to apply mechanical load to bone. The device will be compatible for
    micro-tomographic imaging of loaded bone, and for biomechanical testing.
    Quantitative analysis of the adapted bone will be performed using newly
    devised 3D techniques based on the micro-tomographic imaging data as well as
    using functional genomics and bioinformatics approaches to find gene
    expressed with functional loading of bone. The successful applicant will
    work closely with the principal investigator and a post-doctoral fellow, and
    will participate in research design, data collection, data
    analysis/interpretation and manuscript preparation.

    We are looking for a highly motivated, creative and independently working
    person with a master of science degree (or equivalent) in either mechanical
    or electrical engineering. Design expertise and the willingness to perform
    experimentation in small animal models are absolutely required. Applicant
    must have very good skills in spoken and written English language to work in
    an international, young and dynamic team. Knowledge of German is an
    advantage. The position is available immediately.

    The project is funded through the ETH Strategic Research Fund. Salaries are
    highly competitive and according to the guidelines by the Swiss Federal
    Institute of Technology.

    A letter of application, a complete curriculum vitae including attended
    classes and grades, and a list of two references should be sent to:

    Ralph Mueller, Ph.D.
    SNF Professor of Bioengineering

    Institute for Biomedical Engineering
    ETH and University Zuerich
    Moussonstrasse 18
    8044 Zuerich / Switzerland

    tel +41.1.632.4592 fax +41.1.632.1214

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