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Compressive force when sitting

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  • Compressive force when sitting

    Dear Biomech-L subscribers:

    I am looking for the experts' helps of finding a simple biomechanical model to estimate the lower back compressive force while people sitting on a chair with the back support. Although to modify the lifting model used in Chaffin and Andersson's textbook seem to be one of possible approaches, I have a little bit concern about the estimation of sacral beta angle in this model. Can the estimation of sacral beta angle suggested by Anderson (1986) be used in a seating position? Of course, the lumbar support will effect the pelvic angle as well which make thing even more complex.

    In the searching of previous studies, I found out some researchers reported the direct measurement results of disc pressure in the various seating conditions. But I cannot find a model for the prediction so far. Does anyone have better suggestions or references? Thanks!


    Chien-Chi (Max) Chang, Ph.D.
    Liberty Mutual Research Center for Safety Research
    71 Frankland Road
    Hopkinton, Massachusetts 01748 USA
    Telephone: (508)435-9061 x260

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