I'm a civil engineering researcher studying forces induced by people
moving on structures.

Forces due to people on structures are normally modelled as a sequence
of Fourier components obtained from a
sigle footfall trace on a force plate, and this is usually for vertical
forces only.

I have been using a Kistler Gaitway machine to measure 1-miute series of
walking at various speeds to
t study variability of the various parameters i.e. to get more realistic

I am probably not the first to do this so if anyone has studied this
from apoint of view of the forces
generated by the person rather than the forces on the person, I'd be
interested to contact them.

Also the lateral forces are rather harder to measure; a force plate can
only capture one trace and there are
dfficulties using a Gaitway machine for lateral measurements (according
to Kistler and the posts I''ve read).

There are also in-sole pressure measuring devices that people have used.
Again, if anyone has time series data
For lateral/vertical forces in continuous walking I'd love to hear from

James M W Brownjohn
Associate Professor,
Division of Structures and Mechanics,
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering,
Nanyang Technological University,
50 Nanyang Avenue,
Tel +65 67904773
Fax +65 67910676
Email cjames@ntu.edu.sg
Homepage http://www.ntu.edu.sg/home/cjames

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