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on behalf of the BioNet Consortium
Marco Viceconti

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Dear BioNet Forums members:
As you know, the BioNet project aimed to increase the level of
networking within European biomechanics. The urgent need to submit
Expressions of Interest for Framework 6 drove the activity in the period
immediately after the BioNet Event, and this was, not unexpectedly, followed
by a relatively quiet period over the summer. If, by the time it concludes
on 31 December 2002, BioNet is to achieve its goals and leave a legacy on
which the biomechanics community can build, we need to reinforce what has
already been done and work rapidly to enable us all to take advantage of the
opportunities soon to be afforded by Framework 6.

What objectives should we pursue in this second period of activity? After
some discussion, we agreed that the two main aims are A) support for
initiatives in FP6 and B) the re-structuring of the forums so that they may
continue after the end of the project.

With respect to the first issue, Expressions of Interest for two Networks of
Excellence and a number of Integrated Projects were submitted to the EC in
June. It appears that, in relation to these initiatives, we can play two
distinct roles. For the various proposals that may emerge from the EoIs, the
BioNet forums can act as a means to spread information and exchange
suggestions and knowledge on the forthcoming FP6; there is also continuity
between the aims of BioNet and the scope of the VRLAB Network of Excellence.
Thus, the BioNet consortium will work until the end of the project to
support and promote the preparation of the VRLAB NoE proposal, to be
submitted in the first Call, expected by the end of the year. In this
sense, the various BioNet forums will also become the discussion groups in
which to define the specific activities that each sub-group of biomechanics
is willing to carry out within the framework of the VRLAB initiative. In
contrast, the BioNet_VRLab forum will become the place in which to discuss
the future shape of the VRLAB infrastructure. For this reason, we invite
all colleagues to join the BioNet_VRLab forum, as this will become the place
where all collective issues are addressed.

For the continuation of the BioNet forums after the end of the BioNet
project, we believe that it is necessary to consolidate the group of
moderators. Besides the colleagues that have served the forums so far, we
should consider taking on board other volunteers, especially as it may
become necessary to move to fully moderated lists if inappropriate messages
start appearing regularly. Thus, if you are willing to help us in running
these forums, please put yourself forward.

We should also consider the possibility of handing over the forums to a
scientific society, such as the European Society of Biomechanics. The
so-called Focus Groups that the ESB is trying to promote seem quite similar
to our forums and the newly appointed Council may consider becoming more
involved in running the BioNet lists. We may also consider creating new
BioNet forums. For example dental, soft tissues and fluid biomechanics may
be topics of interest - the issue here is to see whether any of these new
sub-groups is able to attract active moderators and provide the necessary
critical mass.

We emphasise again that the BioNet consortium is trying only to provide the
infrastructure to support coherent development of European biomechanics. We
strongly believe that any development should be firmly in the hands of the
biomechanics community itself, but this can only happen if the individual
members of this community participate actively. We, therefore, strongly urge
you to become fully involved in the forthcoming activities and help to shape
the future developments in this area.

Best regards

For the BioNet Consortium

Gordon Clapworthy
Diane Dane
Eberhard Haug
Alberto Leardini
Serge Van Sint Jan
Marco Viceconti

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