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Job Posting: Senior Technician, Motion Analysis Lab,Hospital for Special Surgery, NY

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  • Job Posting: Senior Technician, Motion Analysis Lab,Hospital for Special Surgery, NY




    Full-time position to assist in the daily activities of the Motion Analysis
    Laboratory, including testing procedures and data reduction under the
    supervision of the Senior Physical Therapist and Research Engineer.


    1. Data Maintenance: Reduction of the majority of raw data collected in the
    lab to the appropriate numerical, analyzable form and orderly maintenance of
    all unreduced data.
    2. Maintenance of the Lab: Maintenance of all laboratory instruments in
    working order and safe condition; maintenance of inventory of supplies;
    perform routine equipment maintenance and repairs under the supervision of
    the Senior Research Engineer.
    3. Record Keeping: Recording of all evaluations; obtaining necessary
    consent forms and maintenance of other documentation as assigned; operating
    computer for data collection.
    4. Clinical Patient Testing: Patient scheduling and registration;
    preparation of patient and equipment for testing; carrying out procedures
    assigned and supervised by the Senior Physical Therapist to assist with
    testing; including operation of the three-dimensional motion data capture
    5. Assist in the development of instrumentation for both clinical and
    research testing.
    6. Participate in research projects, development, technical components,
    scheduling of subjects, and preliminary data analysis.
    7. Trains and provide assistance to part-time staff, students, volunteers,
    clinicians and researchers who utilize the laboratory space, equipment and
    8. Performs other related duties, as assigned.

    Qualifications: Associates Degree or equivalent experience.
    Computer experience (knowledge of PC based systems,
    Word and Excel required; knowledge of Unix based systems is a plus).
    Customer service skills required.

    Start Date: September, 2002

    Facility: The Motion Analysis Laboratory at the Hospital for Special Surgery
    is a research and clinical testing facility administered by the
    Rehabilitation Department and the Department of Biomedical Mechanics and
    Materials. As part of a 160 bed Orthopaedic and Rheumatology facility, the
    laboratory evaluates a wide range of patients including pediatric, adult and
    geriatric in a multi-disciplinary environment. The laboratory performs
    primarily three-dimensional gait analyses (Motion Analysis Corp System);
    plantar pressure measurements, instrumented muscle strength tests (Biodex
    Corp) and kinesiologic electromyographic tests. The lab provides energy
    consumption testing, footswitch gait analyses, functional performance
    testing and serves as one of research resources to the Rehabilitation
    Department. The Hospital and the Laboratory are affiliated with the Cornell
    University Medical College, NYC and the Department of Mechanical and
    Aerospace Engineering, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. In addition, to a
    full-time research physical therapist and full-time research engineer, the
    laboratory staff includes part-time clinical physical therapists; medical,
    physical therapy, engineering students, and volunteers.

    Hospital for Special Surgery is an equal opportunity employer.

    Please send resume to:

    Sherry I Backus, MA, PT
    Senior Research Physical Therapist
    Motion Analysis Laboratory
    Hospital For Special Surgery
    535 East 70th Street
    NY, NY 10021

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