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Ph. D. Studentships in Perception-Action

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  • Ph. D. Studentships in Perception-Action

    Ph. D. Studentships in Perception-Action: University of Cincinnati
    Psychology Department

    1-2 Ph. D. studentships are available beginning Fall 2003 in the
    Perceptual-Motor Dynamics Laboratory housed in the Psychology Department
    at the University of Cincinnati, directed by Dr. Michael Riley and Dr.
    Kevin Shockley. The Perceptual-Motor Dynamics Laboratory comprises more
    than 2500 sq. ft. of laboratory space, including motion capture
    laboratories (two Polhemus Fastrack/6-D Research Systems), a posture
    laboratory (Bertec force platform), a Silicon Graphics workstation, a
    haptic perception laboratory, and PC & Mac facilities. Ongoing research
    projects include studies of coordinated rhythmic movement and interlimb
    coordination, postural control (e.g., effects of supra-postural and
    cognitive tasks on balance, postural instability in Parkinson's
    disease), attention and dual-tasking during motor performance,
    perceptual-motor adaptation, and haptic perception (proprioception and
    dynamic touch).

    Students will receive training in computational, ecological, and
    dynamical approaches to perception-action and cognition, nonlinear
    dynamics and complex systems, motion capture technology, and statistical
    and time-series methods. Students also have opportunities to pursue
    coursework and training in related areas such as human
    factors/ergonomics and cognitive science. Acceptance for graduate study
    at the UC Psychology Department includes a tuition waiver, fringe
    benefits (including health insurance), and a monthly living stipend.

    Preferred qualifications: Bachelor's/equivalent or master's degree in
    Psychology, Kinesiology, Cognitive Science, or related field.
    Applicants with backgrounds in other fields with a background or strong
    interest in applying engineering, mathematical, and physics concepts to
    problems of human perception and action will also be considered.
    Competitive GPA and GRE (including Psychology subject test) and research
    experience preferred. Grade of B or higher in undergraduate or
    graduate-level statistics and research methods.

    Contact (513-556-5544) or
    (513-556-3124), or visit for
    more information.

    Michael A. Riley, Ph. D.
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Psychology
    ML 0376, 429 Dyer Hall
    University of Cincinnati
    Cincinnati, OH 45221-0376 USA

    Office: 229-F Dyer Hall

    P: 513.556.5544
    F: 513.556.1904

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