Dear List Members,

We at the University of Kent engaged in a research project aiming to
significantly improve methods in which neurological dysfunctions may be
analysed and/or diagnosed with the use of computer technology in particular
by applying methods of image processing, pattern recognition and statistical
analysis to handwritten/drawn data. Investigations of this kind will provide
psychologists and occupational therapists with further insight to the
possible underlying defects, which in turn provides justification for
biasing studies towards dynamic analyses or static analyses.

I would like to hear from anyone:

1. Investigated handwriting/drawing techniques and would like to share
his/her thought?


2. Worked with dypraxia/dysgraphia children and/or analysised any standard
age equivalent test (e.g. VMI test)?

Many thanks

Mohammad A. Razian


M. A. Razian (PhD)

Image Processing and Computer Vision Research Group

Department of Electronics

University of Kent at Canterbury




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