I am in the process of setting an essay title to our final year
undergraduates on the wide topic of 3D analysis. In the past we have asked
them to write on a variety of differing topics, including the effect of 3D
analysis on the design of sports equipment, the effect of 3D analysis on
specific sports performances, a discussion on the merits of quasi 3D
analysis etc.

This year I am trying to come up with a topic that encompasses the current
issues regarding 3D analysis in sports (or clinical) biomechanics.

Suggestions of ideas for the essay title would be appreciated.

I will post a summary of the replies, as this may be useful for other
members of the community.

Regards Ross

Ross Anderson
Dept of Sport and Exercise Sciences and
Centre for Biomedical Electronics
University of Limerick
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e-Mail - ross.anderson@ul.ie
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