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  • MentorNet: Women in Engineering and Science

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    Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L co-moderator

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    > Subject: please post: E-mentors needed
    > Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 08:57:23 -0700
    > From: "Ann Gelder"
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    Dear Friends,

    MentorNet, the E-Mentoring Network for Women in Engineering and Science,
    pairs women engineering and science students with online mentors working
    in corporations and government labs worldwide. By providing one-on-one
    advice and support, mentors can help increase the number of women
    pursuing careers in engineering and science. Mentors also gain insight
    into the skills and qualities of future graduates who may be eligible to
    work in their companies or labs.

    Please help us recruit mentors for this year's program by distributing
    our Call for Mentors, pasted below, through ISB listservs. The deadline
    is October 31, 2002.

    For more information, please visit our web site at, or
    call (408) 924-4139.

    We greatly appreciate your help in finding a mentor for every MentorNet

    Best wishes,
    Ann Gelder
    MentorNet Program Consultant

    MentorNet Call for Mentors

    Subject: Seeking e-mentors for women students

    You already know that women are underrepresented in engineering,
    mathematics, and science careers. For example, in today's U.S. workforce,
    women are just over 9% of the engineers and approximately 30% of the
    scientists. Here's something you can do today to help increase those

    Become an online mentor for MentorNet, the Presidential Award winning E-
    Mentoring Network for Women in Engineering and Science! Mentoring is a
    proven strategy for increasing the retention rates of women in
    engineering, mathematics, and science.

    Below, you can find out more about the MentorNet program and how to sign
    up. And please pass this message along to your friends and colleagues, so
    they don't miss out on this great volunteer opportunity!

    What is MentorNet?
    * MentorNet is an electronic mentoring network. Our award-winning One-on-
    One Mentoring Program pairs women engineering and science students with
    professionals all over the world. We match community college,
    undergraduate, and graduate women with engineers and scientists working
    in corporations, national laboratories, and government.

    How does it work?
    * During the school year, mentors and students communicate by email about
    career goals, balancing work and life, course work, and many other topics
    of their choice. There's no need for previous mentoring experience:
    mentors and students receive topics and training online to ensure a
    successful e-mentoring relationship. This is a great way for employees to
    receive free training in mentoring and staff development skills.

    What other benefits does the program offer?
    * MentorNet also offers you the opportunity to take part in an online e-
    community which focuses on issues of interest to our mentors and
    students. It's a perfect opportunity to expand your own network and to
    share your experiences with engineers and scientists worldwide.

    What if I don't have much time?
    * As an e-mentor, you can make a big difference in a student's life with
    a relatively small time commitment. Mentors who participated in last
    year's One-on-One Mentoring Program reported spending an average of just
    20 minutes per week. Because you communicate entirely by email, you can
    write whenever and wherever it's convenient for you.

    Who can serve as mentors?
    * We encourage applications from both women and men, with an educational
    or professional background in engineering, science, or related
    technologies, who are currently employed in private industry or
    government sectors.

    How do I sign up?
    * Go to and follow this 2-step process:
    1) Join the Community: Click on "Community" and register/sign in as a
    new/returning Community member.
    2) Apply for the One-on-One Program: Follow the One-on-One Mentoring
    Program links to the Mentor section and fill out the application. The
    deadline is October 31, 2002.

    MentorNet has been growing rapidly since its inception in 1997. Since
    then we have paired over 6,500 students with mentors. We hope you will be
    one of them!

    MentorNet's sponsors include 3M, Alcoa Foundation, AT&T, Elizabeth and
    Stephen J. Bechtel Jr. Foundation, Cisco Systems, Engineering Information
    Foundation, EMC, Google, IBM, Intel, The International Society for
    Optical Engineering, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Lawrence
    Berkeley National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Maui
    Economic Development Board, Motorola, NASA Ames Research Center, National
    Science Foundation, Sandia National Laboratory, SAP Labs, Schlumberger,
    University Aviation Administration, U.S. Department of Education's FIPSE,
    and U.S. Department of Transportation.

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