Dear Colleagues:
this is to inform you that we are in the process to relocate our web
site. In particular all our initiatives aimed to give back to the
Internet some of the value we get from it every day, called BACK2NET,
is now home at:

Under this page you'll find the link to the ISB Mesh Repository Site.
This is a very popular place in Biomechanics, with thousands of
downloads, although it is along time nobody submit new models to be
placed in the public domain.

This changed now with the posting of Marcello Papini from the Ryerson
University in Toronto, who made available a model of the latest shape
of composite femur commercialized by Sawbones.

since I am at it, we shall soon post our own Muscle Standardized
Femur, based on the original First generation shape of composite
femurs, but with all muscle insertions mapped on.

Best regards


ps: we are currently considering to move all these repositories under
the umbrella of the VRLAB project, aimed to create the infrastructure
for a worldwide Internet based Biomechanics community. If you have
any opinion about it, let me know.

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