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Summary of replies: Pro-soccer players HR during matches

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  • Summary of replies: Pro-soccer players HR during matches

    Dear List Members,

    My original posting (shown below) was regarding HR data during professional
    soccer matches.

    I would like to thank all those who took the time to respond to my query
    (Andrew Kerr, Brendan Humphries, Dan Becque, Morgan Williams, Jean-Francois
    Stein, Lone Hansen, Grant Abt). Your help was much appreciated and very

    Various sources were suggested and are as follows: Science & Football I - IV,
    Science and Soccer (Reilly, T), The Physiology of Soccer (Bangsbo, J).
    General consensus was for mean HR to be approx 160-170 bpm during a 90-min
    soccer match.

    Other information was shared by individuals who have either unpublished data
    or data in PhD thesis form which is too numerous to include in this email. If
    anyone is interested in this topic then I would be happy to discuss details

    Thank you again,


    ================================================== ===========================
    Dear List Members,

    I am presently working with some professional youth soccer players. I am
    looking for data regarding professional soccer players heart rates during
    matches (competitive, friendly or training) for comparison to my research,
    for both youth and any-age players.

    So far I have not found such information in the usual searches, and wondered
    if anyone could help with mean and max HR data they have collected, or know
    of, from professional soccer teams/players or guidance to any source material
    that would help in my search for such HR data (which I may have inadvertently

    If interest is shown, then a summary of replies will be posted as usual.
    Thanking you in advance for your help.

    Roz Coombs

    School of Health and Bioscience
    University of East London
    Romford Road,Stratford
    London E15 4LZ
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