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  • PhD Studentship

    A PhD studentship is available at the Centre for Biophysical and Clinical
    Research into Human Movement of the Department of Exercise & Sport Science,
    Manchester Metropolitan University, for EU Citizens only, to work on the
    following project:

    Examination of the effect of growth on a) structural, mechanical and
    functional properties of muscles and tendons in humans under in vivo
    conditions and b) locomotory function. Dynamometry, real-time
    ultrasonography, magnetic resonance imaging and electromyography will be
    used to determine the tensile properties of major locomotory tendons and the
    force-length and force-velocity properties of the respective in-series
    muscles in volunteers of age 10-25 years old (see Maganaris, Acta Physiol.
    Scand. 172, 279-285, 2001; Maganaris, J. Biomech. 35, 1019-1027, 2002).
    Locomotory function will be assessed through kinematic, kinetic and in vivo
    muscle-tendon behaviour analyses during locomotory tasks such as walking,
    stepping up and stepping down (see Fukunaga et al., Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B
    268, 229-233, 2001).

    Interested candidates should send a current CV to: or

    Further details about the Research Centre and the laboratory facilities are

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