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Subject: URGENT---Important Information about the EMBEC'02---URGENT
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2002 20:32:14 +0100
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The 2nd European Medical and Biological Engineering Conference EMBEC'02
will take place in Vienna (Austria) in less than 4 weeks from Dec. 04 -
08, 2002. The detailed programme is now available in the homepage under:


Please click on the button "Detailed Programme - Search Engine" at the
left-hand side. The Search Engine will support you to find rapidly those
information in which you might be especially interested.

It is not possible here to mention all the EMBEC'02 highlights, the
Keynote Lecture, Plenary Lectures, Special Sessions, Seminars,
Workshops, and regular oral and poster sessions with up to 9
simultaneous sessions. The total number of presentations is about 900.
The EMBEC'02 includes the 1st European MBES Forum "Role of MBES in

The full-length manuscripts are published in the two-volume proceedings
which are included in the registration fee. Preregistered participants
who have paid the registration fee can in advance download full-length
manuscripts for € 15,- per 100 manuscripts.

Gain your own impression from that outstanding conference by visiting
the homepage. I am sure that you will then decide to attend the EMBEC'02
since missing that conference might be a serious handicap in your
professional career.

Looking forward to meeting you in Vienna at the EMBEC'02

o. Univ.-Prof. Dr. H. Hutten
EMBEC'02 Conference President

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