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    "FEUSERS" is a mailbase-list serving the researchers, teachers and groups
    active in using and developing FINITE ELEMENTS and FINITE DIFFERENCE
    software. Code developers and vendors of finite element and finite difference
    packages are particularly encouraged to be involved in FEUSERS.
    Users and developers of graphical pre- and post-processing systems
    (with solid modelling) and CAD/CAM interfaces for finite elements
    and finite difference applications software are also encouraged to participate.
    Industries and industrial participants with a solutions approach would be
    highly appreciated in this forum.

    The FEUSERS forum aims to encourage discussion and free exchange of ideas
    amongst the members of the list. As a list member, you are free to raise a
    topic and express your views on it, invite other views and even summarise them.
    You can also respond to a topic currently in discussion.

    All postings to the group are distributed to all the list-members,
    and the list will not initially be moderated.

    Discussion topics on finite element and finite difference applications
    areas such as structural and mechanical engineering analysis and design,
    aerospace engineering, electronics and electrical engineering, computational
    fluid dynamics, heat and thermal analysis, impact analysis, chemical
    engineering, nuclear and solid state physics, etc. are highly desirable.
    Specific suggestions and questions on various packages (e.g. ideas, patran,
    abaqus, nastran, lusas, emas, fidap, phoenics, etc) could be beneficial for
    many finite element and finite difference users and developers.

    The forum encourages notices and discussion on finite element and
    finite difference references, books, journals, publications, information,
    projects, collaborations, proposals, funding, hardware, software,
    organisations, visits, shows, standards, education, research, development,
    jobs, conferences, surveys, etc.

    To JOIN the list and become a list-member of feusers, e-mail the
    following line:

    JOIN feusers


    To send in YOUR CONTRIBUTION to the list, e-mail the item to:

    Minaz Punjani
    Engineering Computing
    University of London Computer Centre
    20 Guilford Street
    London WC1N 1DZ
    United Kingdom

    Tel: [+44] 071 405 8400
    Fax: [+44] 71 242 1845

    e-mail: (internet) (janet)


    Dear Biomch-l Subscribers

    The above message may be of interest to subscribers interested
    in FEA.

    Mike Dolan
    University of Dundee.