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  • Shoe Impact Research

    Dear BIOMCH-L members;

    I am currently looking to acquire information pertaining to
    the effectiveness of force absorption in the mid sole of brand name
    running shoes. This project is focused on the development of an
    effective evaluation system to grade running shoe performance. The main
    focus of my contribution to the study is to examine the performance of
    different mid sole designs and the force absorbing characteristics in
    the heel to ground impact. The data is currently being collected using
    an A.M.T.I. force plate at Lakehead University. The sled is weighted
    and is equipped with a prosthetic foot (size 9.5) at an incline of 10°.
    This data will then be compared with the results of barefoot trials in
    order to assess the effectiveness of different shoe designs. The
    collection of data is set to augment a larger study which is examining
    the equivalent impact forces on human subjects during walking and
    jogging over a floor mounted force plate. A pilot study is in the works
    to expand the sled data to examine the durability of various mid soles
    during prolonged use (i.e. marathon use). We are currently looking for
    information pertaining to: K constant of proportionality (sole material
    properties), time to peak force, and compressibility of various
    materials used in mid-sole design.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.


    Jason Taddeo

    Honors Bachelor of Kinesiology

    Lakehead University

    Thunder Bay, ON

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