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Human pendulum system

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  • Human pendulum system

    Dear experts,

    I am a final year undergraduate student, and i am now doing my biomechanics project. My topic is about the cushioning ability of different sport shoes. And I know that one method of measuring shoes' cushioning is the human pendulum system. I am now going to determine the velocity of the pendulum system towards the forceplate, in order to
    simulate walking and running. I have read the paper written by Dr Lafortune et al, which also using this system.My problem is that I dont know how to determine the landing velocity during walking and running, after I have used the camera (200Hz) to record the motion. Should I used the velocity just before the landing contact? I have attached one reflective marker on the lateral malleolus and one on the shoe heel. Is that enough for my purpose?
    Please direct me to an appropriate method.
    Thank you for your kindly response.
    I will summarize and post the replies.

    Del Wong

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