Dear all,

I am just starting a project related to the analysis of muscle sounds
applied to the control of artificial limbs and what I have noticed is that
many researchers use the following nomenclature: AMG, VMG and MMG, to refer
to the mechanical phenomenon detectable at the surface of an active muscle.
I had the idea that these references were associated with the type of sensor
used to detect the signal (i.e., AMG – microphones). I would like to know
if anyone could help me to clarify this doubt.

In addition I would appreciate some suggestions of commercial equipment
for acquiring both EMG and AMG signals simultaneously.

After receiving responses I will resent a summary of them.

Thank you,
Adriano de Oliveira Andrade

Adriano de Oliveira Andrade , PhD student
University of Reading
Department of Cybernetics
Pepper Lane
Reading RG6 6AY, UK
tel: +44(0)118 378 7111
fax: +44(0)118 378 8220

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