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Has anyone had success using the Data Translation DT2801 (DT16-EZ) acquisition board with Labview and DT-LV link for simultaneous usage of analog input and output.
With DOS based data acquisition, DT2801 board works fine. However, when LabView is used to control and collect data with DT2801 for simultaneous analog input and output, it is not as easier as other boards (like NI board).
I have contacted one of technical engineers at Data Translation to get simultaneous usage of analog input and output example of DT-LV link VI. Unfortunately, they have no example of simultaneous analog input and output VI.
Any insight that can be provided would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance, and I will post a summary of all replies.

Randy Baek

Randy Baek,
Spinal Biomechanics
Barrow Neurological Institute
350 W. Thomas Road
Phoenix, AZ 85013
(602) 406-6652

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