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Subject: MCC2003 Conference on Motor Control Varna Bulgaria
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2002 14:11:04 +0200
From: Nikolai Gantchev

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,
It gives us a great pleasure to announce that MOTOR CONTROL CONFERENCE III
MCC2003 entitled
is to be organised 20 - 24 September 2003 near Varna, BULGARIA.
The Motor Control Conference (MCC) has already became a traditional event
inviting the participation and interest of leading scientists and
clinicians in the field of Motor Control.
After the first Conference (MCC1999) was launched in September 1999 and
followed by the second one (MCC2001) held in September 2001 we now have the
pleasure in informing you that the next 3rd Motor Control Conference
(MCC2003) is planned to be held September 20-24 near Varna, Bulgaria.
During the MCC2003 Conference various aspects of the control of Posture and
Movement, from the cellular mechanisms to the clinical aspects of the
recovery of motor function, are planned to be discussed.
We will be very happy to see and welcome many colleagues united by their
interest in the exciting mechanisms related to the motor activity of the
living beings, sharing their ideas, knowledge and experience in an
atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding. The Motor Control
Conference MCC is organised with its main goal to concentrate on the
problems of Posture and Movement control and with the aim to provide a
Forum where the link between clinical and theoretical points of view on
Motor Control can be analysed and enriched on the basis of exchanging new
ideas and sharing experience.
The topics of the Motor Control Conference are directed at specific
problems of body balance, co-ordination of posture and movements, and
analysis of locomotion with special emphasis on clinical studies of
movement disorders.
Please visit us at the MCC2003 Conference site


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Please contact us at:


The BOOKS containing the Papers presented at MCC1999 and MCC2001 are
available on request (more information on the WWW site)
Looking forward to welcoming You at the next Conference on Motor Control
MCC2003 Varna, Bulgaria!
On behalf of the Organizing Committee
Dr. Nikolai Gantchev

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