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Gait forces in sheep.

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  • Gait forces in sheep.

    We are doing some work on new materials for joint prostheses and our
    animal model is the sheep hip. Does anyone know of published data
    on the forces at the hip joint at different points in the SHEEP gait cycle
    analogous to the force data for the human first published by Paul?

    We need the data to input into some stress analyses of the prostheses
    using finite element analysis. We are trying to determine how the
    stresses are likely to compare in hip prostheses in both the
    sheep and human, given the differences in prosthesis size, body weights
    and gait forces.
    Arthur Brandwood.

    Arthur Brandwood
    Centre for Biomedical Engineering Tel: +61 2 697 3906
    University of New South Wales Post: PO Box 1, Kensington
    Sydney Australia. NSW, Australia 2033