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Questions about gait/muscles used...

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  • Questions about gait/muscles used...


    I just joined the list and this is my first posting.

    I'm a college student taking a kinesiology class (as a free elective, not
    as a part of my major). I tell you this in case my questions seem naive -
    I'm really just getting started (but incredibly interested, and planning on
    learning more).

    Anyway, I'm working on a project to observe and analyze running,
    specifically how two different shoes can alter/improve foot mechanics.

    As part of the project, we need to have a chart that shows all of the
    joints in the body, what position they are in, what muscle groups are used,
    and what type of contraction, for each phase. Since this is basic, I'm only
    using 4 phases - heel strike, stance, propulsion and swing.

    I've done a lot of Web searching and all of the information that I've found
    has been either way over my head or way too basic, or mostly focused on
    pathological gait.

    Can anyone direct me someplace that would help me come up with a chart that
    would look something like this:

    Heel Strike:
    Hip | slight flexion | hip flexors | eccentric contraction

    etc for all the joints, for all four phases...

    Any help of direction will be greatly appreciated!

    David Alden
    Salem State College
    Salem, MA

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