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  • ISB software and data archives

    The ISB's software and data archives have been moved to the ISBweb site at The software and data in the archives are available
    for unrestricted non-commercial use.

    The software archives include code for smoothing and differentiation,
    inertial property calculations, rigid body analysis, 2D and 3D motion
    analysis and simulation. Data resources include packages of human movement
    data and analysis software, pressure distributions, 3D bone morphology data
    from CTs, specifications for a 3D lower limb model that includes parameters
    for 43 muscles and a link to the biomch-l FEM mesh repository.

    The software and data archives are potentially a great resource for
    researchers and students. We'd like to make it even more useful by adding
    new contributions from ISB members and biomch-l subscribers.

    Software contributions could include almost any (tested) code for performing
    biomechanical tasks. Programs written specifically for teaching purposes
    would be especially welcome. Active X controls or DLL's that others can
    incorporate into their C, VB and Delphi programs are also highly desirable.
    Demo or limited versions of commercial software, provided they are
    functional and perform some useful task, can also be considered.

    Contributions of data would be welcome, too. Other people's data is very
    useful for developing and validating models as well as for more general
    research and teaching purposes. Kinematic and kinetic data for human
    movements, soft tissue material properties, morphology data and any "hard to
    get" information would all be welcomed.

    I hope biomch-l subscribers will consider making contributions to the
    archives. Your contributions will be valued by the biomechanics community
    and acknowledged in full. New items will be announced on biomch-l and on the
    ISBweb home page. If you'd like to contribute, please check out the existing
    archives ( /software/ and
    /data/ ) and also look at the notes on how to contribute at

    Martyn Shorten
    ISB Informatics Officer (!)

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    For information and archives: