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Automobile, mass transit vehicle, aircraft, and other industries are
focusing more attention than ever before on reducing occupant injuries
during crashes. Thus interest is increasing in computerized crash simulation
The following information about new publications SAE ( The Engineering
Society For Advancing Mobility: Land, Sea, Air and Space ) may be of interest
to the readership of BIOMCH-L.

1. Pike, J. A. : Automative Safety - Anatomy, Injury, Testing and Regulation
The increasing importance of safety performance in all aspects of motor
vehicle design, development, manufacture and marketing makes it necessary
for professionals working in these areas to be more aware of safety
considerations. Organized into four information-packed chapters, contents
of this comprehensive publication include: Terminology, Anatomy and Injury;
Injury Scaling; and Regulation and Testing. Appendices include various
safety laws and regulatory - related documents which are referred to in the
ISBN 0-56091-007-0, 184 pp., Hardbound 1990.
Order No. R-103

2. Side Impact Occupant Protection Technologies
This authoritative publication contains current information on test
procedures; test tools; test results; occupant kinematics; and means to
improve occupant survival in side impacts. Partial contents: Practical
Problems Related to Side Impact Field Data Accuracy and Its Importance
to Side Impact Protection Assesments; Computer-Aided 3-D Surface
Reconstruction During High Speed Crush Events; Computer Simulation of Side
Impact Using Different Mobile Barriers; Energy Absorbed by Vehicle
Structures in Side-Impacts; and Occupant Kinematics and Injury Causation
in Side Impacts - Field Accident Experience.
ISBN 1-56091-115-8, 152 pp., 10 Papers, Paperbound 1991.
Order No. SP-851

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