The Exercise Science Graduate Group at the University of California,
Davis is seeking applicants for Fall 2003 for the Master's Degree
program in Exercise Science and for fellowships, teaching
assistantships, and research assistantships associated with the
program. We offer a Master's Degree in Exercise Science, with an
emphasis in either exercise physiology or biomechanics, though what
is the typical format for graduate programs at UD Davis, a Graduate
Group. The Graduate Group is a collection of faculty from various
departments, programs, schools and colleges throughout the University
who collectively pool their interests and expertise into a program of
graduate study focused on better understanding the acute and adaptive
consequences of physical activity and exercise from an integrated
biomechanical, human ecological, health, nutritional, physiological,
and behavioral perspective. Interested students can go to our Web
site at www.dbs.ucdavis.edu/grad/exs for further information The
flyer and Web site also have links to the UC Davis graduate studies
Web site, where applications can be completed on-line. Interested
students are encouraged to apply by January 15th for full
consideration for financial support, with the last date for
consideration of applications April 1.

To get questions answered, contact me or staff support person for the
program, Margaret Brice, using the information listed below. We look
forward to hearing from interested students.

Keith R. Williams, Ph.D.
Chair. Admissions Committee,
Exercise Science Graduate Group
email krwilliams@ucdavis.edu

UC Davis campus http://www.ucdavis.edu
Graduate Program http://www.dbs.ucdavis.edu/grad/exs/

Graduate Program Office Contact:
Margaret Brice, Graduate Program Liaison
Tel (530) 752-9091
email mrbrice@ucdavis.edu

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