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  • Re: Job Announcment for Ergonomic Specialist at UCSF

    This a job announcement for an Ergonomic Specialist at University of
    California at San Francisco. Please report all inquiries to:

    Diane Vogelei, RN, MSN, ANP-C, COHN-S

    Assistant Clinical Professor

    Manager, Employee and Occupational Health Services

    (415) 885-7665 Fax: (415) 771-4472



    The Ergonomic Specialist reports to the Manager of Employee and
    Occupational Health Services and serves as the Medical Center expert in
    Ergonomics. The Ergonomic Specialist will be responsible for the
    implementation, oversight and evaluation of the Medical Center Ergonomic
    program. Program elements include ergonomic assessment (pre and post
    injury), intervention, and education. The Ergonomic Specialist performs
    complex and specialized preventative work site evaluations for the Medical
    Center; develops and presents educational programs for managers,
    supervisors and staff, as well as establishes a train-the-trainer program
    to conduct department level ergonomic evaluations.


    This position reports to Manager of Employee and Occupational Health
    Services. No supervisory responsibility. Works closely with Environmental
    Health and Safety, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services, and UCSF
    Medical Center Safety Officer.

    of Time Spent

    Ergonomic Evaluations: Conducts pre-injury, post-injury and follow-up
    ergonomic evaluations. Also conducts ergonomic evaluations and job
    analysis to assess potential of a department to provide job accommodations
    (ADA). (30%)

    Conducts traditional workstation evaluations.
    Conducts complex evaluations in in-patient areas focused on the reduction
    of back injuries.
    Conducts evaluation in other work areas, such a laboratories (pipetting,
    bench work).
    Review blueprint and construction plans to ensure appropriate ergonomic
    considerations are addressed.

    Training and Education: Develops and conducts ergonomic training to
    individuals, supervisors/managers, departments, professional staff
    (in-services), organization, and claim management staff. Conducts
    train-the-trainer education. (30%)

    · Works with interdisciplinary team to develop ergonomic educational
    and training programs focused on injury prevention. These include
    Train-the-trainer, focused department trainings, as well as, as training
    programs designed for managers and supervisors.

    Coordination and Program Oversight: Provides administrative oversight to
    ergonomic program. Elements include data, cost and system analysis,
    tracking and activities, coordination of evaluations conducted by OEH&S,
    Physical Therapy and Rehab Services (Faculty Practice), and outside
    providers. Track and expedite implementation of ergonomic changes
    specified in evaluations. Prepare periodic reports for Ergonomic
    Subcommittee. (20%)

    · Reports on program status and progress.

    · Assists in developing and revising policies and procedures
    regarding ergonomics and injury prevention.

    · Works with UCSF Medical Center Workers’ Compensation Specialist
    and Disability Management Services to develop, revise and maintain data
    collection and analysis.

    · Works with Safety Officer, Environmental Health and Safety and
    Physical Therapy and Rehab Services to document and track implementation of
    ergonomic interventions involving environmental/equipment changes (desks,
    keyboards, remodeling, etc.)

    · Communicates effectively with and is responsive to department
    staff, managers, supervisors and employees.

    Program Development: Based on data, cost and systems analysis identifies
    programmatic needs. Develops and implements recommendations for program
    improvement. (20%)

    · Develops and conducts programs to educate Medical Center
    administrators, managers and supervisors regarding work place injury
    prevention and reduction.

    Committee Membership/Chair: Serves as Chair of the Ergonomic Committee.
    Acts as member of the Environment of Care Committee. Participates in the
    Subcommittees for Incident and Injury Review and Education and Training.


    Perform other duties as assigned.


    B.S./B.A. and/or state licensure in one of the following fields: physical
    therapy, nursing, ergonomics, industrial hygiene, or occupational therapy
    preferred. Specific training is required in the field of ergonomics.
    Certification preferred. Must demonstrate knowledge in worksite
    evaluations, ability to develop and conduct training programs. Program
    development preferred. MA/MS degree preferred or three to five years
    experience in ergonomics with experience in complex work site evaluations
    (i.e. inpatient nursing, laboratories).


    Computer Capabilities: Proven ability to work with spreadsheet,
    word-processing, database management systems, email (Outlook), and Power

    Communication: Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal skills.
    Customer/patient focused.

    Interpersonal Skills: Team Player, able to work well with peers, patients,
    supervisors and managers.

    Presentation Skills: Ability to present in small and large group settings.

    Education: B.A./B.S. minimum with formal ergonomic training.
    Certification preferred.

    Licensure: California State Licensure appropriate to field.

    Initiative/Ability to work independently: Self-starter.


    Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics (BCPE)

    Certified Occupational Health Nurse (COHN/COHN-S)

    Interest in academic setting, mentoring and research.


    California Professional Licensure as applicable (RN, PT, OT, IH). National
    certification preferred.

    California Driver’s License, preferred.


    Demonstrated ability to provide appropriate care based on the needs of a
    specific individual, including the patient’s age. Population served is
    working adults.


    The physical demands and work environment described here are representative
    of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the
    essential functions of the job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to
    enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

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