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    Hi David,
    have you had a look at these sites?

    I hope it may help,

    Good luck,

    Zimi Sawacha

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    Zimi Sawacha
    eMotion S.r.l
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    ----- Original Message -----
    From: "David Alden"
    Sent: Wednesday, December 04, 2002 5:25 PM
    Subject: [BIOMCH-L] Questions about gait/muscles used...

    > Hello-
    > I just joined the list and this is my first posting.
    > I'm a college student taking a kinesiology class (as a free elective, not
    > as a part of my major). I tell you this in case my questions seem naive -
    > I'm really just getting started (but incredibly interested, and planning
    > learning more).
    > Anyway, I'm working on a project to observe and analyze running,
    > specifically how two different shoes can alter/improve foot mechanics.
    > As part of the project, we need to have a chart that shows all of the
    > joints in the body, what position they are in, what muscle groups are
    > and what type of contraction, for each phase. Since this is basic, I'm
    > using 4 phases - heel strike, stance, propulsion and swing.
    > I've done a lot of Web searching and all of the information that I've
    > has been either way over my head or way too basic, or mostly focused on
    > pathological gait.
    > Can anyone direct me someplace that would help me come up with a chart
    > would look something like this:
    > Heel Strike:
    > Hip | slight flexion | hip flexors | eccentric contraction
    > etc for all the joints, for all four phases...
    > Any help of direction will be greatly appreciated!
    > David Alden
    > Salem State College
    > Salem, MA
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