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Summary Re: telemetric GRFz measuring insoles

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  • Summary Re: telemetric GRFz measuring insoles

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    Sent: Friday, December 06, 2002 6:00 PM
    Subject: [BIOMCH-L] Question Re: telemetric GRFz measuring insoles

    Does anyone know of a company that has implemented GRFz measuring technology
    into an insole and can relay the data telemetrically?
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    Thanks to all who responded to this posting. The responses were pretty
    consistent in that everyone suggested I check out the Pedar system from Novel
    ( However, one chap did suggest the footscan measurement

    I should point out that these systems are mobile, but not telemetric in that
    they store the data on a memory card of sorts. However the insole is still
    wired to a computer located on a hip pack. I guess I am searching out
    something that doesn't I have yet to find a device that is as user
    friendly as a CSA/MTI accelerometer in terms of multi-day continuous data
    collection (but measures GRFz).

    Not having a background in biomechanics or engineering I guess I figured that
    somebody would have made an insole that telemetrically sent GRFz data to the
    hip computer (memory stick).

    Thanks again for the responses,

    Dale Esliger
    PhD Candidate
    College of Kinesiology
    University of Saskatchewan
    (306) 966-6760 (w)
    (306) 653-8339 (h)

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