Dear List members,

I am interested in the dynamic response of tendon (human or other =
species) and wanted to compil
some papers on this topics. Does anyone have few references on this as =
I have an entry key to develop my knowledge on tendon behavior !


Thanks for all these answers !
I also have some papers in PDF. People interested just have to ask !

You should have a look at the book of YC Fung, Biomechanics: Mechanical
Properties of Living Tissues and the paper by Zajac FE (1989) Muscle and
tendon: properties, models, scaling, and application to biomechanics and
motor control. In Bourne, J.R. (ed.): CRC Critical Rev in Biomed Eng.,
vol. 17 (#4), 359-411.

You can find this kind of information=20
looking for C. Maganaris on PubMed and searching for articles at=20

Haut, R. C.; Little, R. W.: A constitutive equation for collagen fibers,
J. BIOMECHANICS,Vol. 5, pp. 423-430, 1972

Yahia, L. H. et al.: Rheological properties of the human lumbar spine
ligaments, J. BIOMED. ENG., Vol. 13, pp. 399-406, 1991

Betsch, D. F.; Baer, E.: Structure and mechanical properties of rat tail
tendon, BIORHEOLOGY, Vol. 17, pp. 83-94, 1980

Sanjeevi, R. et al.: A viscoelastic model for collagen fibres, J.
BIOMECHANICS, Vol. 15, pp. 181-183, 1982

Sanjeevi, R.: A viscoelastic model for the mechanical properties of
biological materials, J. BIOMECHANICS, Vol. 15, pp. 107-109, 1982

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