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  • [Fwd: Collagen Fiber]

    Dear Colleagues,

    I received this E-mail and think it could be of overall interest:

    "Lee K.K." schrieb:

    > Dear Arno,
    > Firstly, let me apologize for sending u the email
    > directly. I am K.K. Lee from Nanyang Technological
    > University (Singapore).
    > I am also searching for viscoelastic properties of
    > disc's annulus fiber and knowing that u are also
    > searching for it from the internet search.
    > Any kind advice on where I could obtain for the
    > properties of annulus fiber as I require it for my
    > research as input into FEA software.
    > Yr kind advice is appreciated.
    > Thank you.
    > K.K Lee
    > Nanyang Technological University
    > Singapore
    > __________________________________________________
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    I found data in:

    Betsch, D. F.; Baer, E.: Structure and mechanical properties of rat tail
    tendon, BIORHEOLOGY, Vol. 17, pp. 83-94, 1980

    Fung, Y. C.: Biomechanics: Mechanical properties of living tissues, 2nd
    ed., Springer, New York, 1993

    Haut, R. C.; Little, R. W.: A constitutive equation for collagen fibers,
    J. BIOMECHAN-ICS,Vol. 5, pp. 423-430, 1972

    Lu, Y. M. et al.: Do bending, twisting, and diurnal fluid changes in the
    disc affect the propensity to prolapse? A viscoelastic finite element
    model, SPINE, Vol. 21, pp. 2570-2579, 1996

    Pioletti, D. P.; Rakotomanana L. R.: Non-linear viscoelastic laws for
    soft biological tissues, Eur. J. Mech, Vol. 19, pp. 749-759, 2000

    Sanjeevi, R.; Somanathan, N.; Ramaswamy, D.: A viscoelastic model for
    collagen fibers, J. BIOMECHANICS, Vol. 15, pp. 181-183, 1982

    Shirazi-Adl, A. et al.: Mechanical response of a lumbar motion segment
    in axial torque alone and combined with compression, SPINE, Vol. 11, pp.
    914-927, 1986

    Wang, J. L. et al.: Failure criterion of collagen fiber: Viscoelastic
    behavior simulated by using load control data, THEORETICAL AND APPLIED
    FRACTURE MECHANICS, Vol. 27, pp. 1-12, 1997

    If there are more, please let us know.

    Thanks very much

    A. Grunendahl

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