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Job Announcemnt / Biomedical Engineer for European SpaceAgency/European Astronaut Centre's Crew Medical Support Office

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  • Job Announcemnt / Biomedical Engineer for European SpaceAgency/European Astronaut Centre's Crew Medical Support Office


    Biomedical Engineer (BME)

    Wyle Laboratories GmbH is seeking a highly motivated individual to join our
    space medicine support team in Cologne, Germany. This person will be
    primarily responsible for supporting space medicine activities as they
    pertain to European Space Agency(ESA) astronaut health, medicine and life
    sciences. The candidate will report to Wyle Laboratories' Managing Director
    and will coordinate closely with the ESA/European Astronaut Centre’s Crew
    Medical Support Office. Applicant must be from ESA Member States or Canada.
    Purpose of the Job
    The general function of the Biomedical Engineer (BME) is to ensure astronaut
    health and safety by providing medical operational and engineering support
    to the flight surgeons and representatives of other mission support
    disciplines. This includes requirements development, document preparation,
    support activities, and console support as a Medical Operations
    representative in ESA space programs. The BME monitors and annotates
    biomedical, environmental, and other crew-related data. The BME is the
    medical representative to the Mission Control Centre in the absence of the
    flight surgeon. A large portion of the job corresponding to flight
    operations involves responding to new situations as they arise.
    Background and Experience
    The incumbent should possess a degree in Biomedical Engineering, Science or
    a related field. A background in physiology is important. A working
    knowledge of Medical Operations and space program procedures is needed.
    Mission Control experience makes the Biomedical Flight Controller more
    effective. Communication, problem solving, and organizational skills are
    also necessary.
    Additional experience in the following areas is an asset:
    ISS Medical Systems, or equivalent medical experience
    ISS Medical Operations ground segment infrastructure, or equivalent
    ISS space flight procedures development, or equivalent experience
    Space flight communication protocols, or equivalent experience
    ISS Astronaut training lesson design, development and implementation, or
    equivalent experience
    Job Functions
    1. Provide Flight Controller operational and engineering support in the
    Mission Control Centre (MCC-H, MCC-M, and EAC).
    Monitor crew health status and bioenvironmentals during all mission phases.
    Manage and validate data communications received.
    Adhere to the shift schedule for Flight Controllers, requiring a longer than
    standard eight hour workday.
    Work shifts on weekends and holidays in support of mission duties.
    Support integrated simulations for upcoming flights.
    Keep abreast of information concerning upcoming flights and expeditions.
    Coordinate ESA specific issues.

    2. Provide BME duties during Russian taxi flights with an ESA Astronaut.
    Support the Crew Surgeon in pre-flight, in-flight, and post flight
    Coordinate inputs to mission specific documentation.
    Coordinate with taxi flight managers and team members concerning Medical
    Operations requirements and activities.

    3. Provide ESA BME duties for ISS Expedition support from Europe.
    Prepare Mission Information Package (MIP) to supplement Expedition
    Information Package compiled by the ISS BME Expedition Manager.
    Obtain necessary expedition specific training and educate the ESA BME team
    supporting the expedition.
    Support the Crew Surgeon by performing pre-flight ESA specific tasks.
    Provide in-flight mission support
    Support the crew surgeon and participate in post flight medical operations

    4. Assist with the development and implementation of ESA BME and Flight
    Surgeon training.

    5. International travel.

    6. Provide weekly status reports of job activities to Project Management.

    7. Safety responsibilities are a requirement of each employee. They are to
    work safely and to extend the concern for personal safety to fellow
    employees. Employees are to make safety a top priority of their position
    with Wyle GmbH.

    Send cover letter and resume detailing experience, educational background,
    and salary history to:

    Jeannette Darcy, Managing Director
    Wyle Laboratories GmbH
    In den Dauen 6
    53117 Bonn
    Fax: +49 (0) 2203 600 1402

    Jeannette Darcy
    ESA/EAC Crew Medical Support Office
    fax: +49 (0)2203-600-1402

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