Dear BIOMCH-L Subscriber:

I am sending this message as president of the International Society of
Electrophysiological Kinesiology (ISEK). I would like to extend an invitation
to you to attend the 8th International Congress, to be held in Baltimore,
Maryland, U.S.A. on August 12-16. You will already have received a first
announcement in the mail. The forthcoming Congress will celebrate ISEK's 25th

There are many good reasons for your participation in ISEK's Congress.
Kinesiology, biomechanics and electromyography are deeply interwoven as
companion endeavors in the study and understanding of human motion. Both of our
groups provide focus for researchers dealing with issues that related to the
performance and well-being of the human neuro-musculo-skeletal system. They
both have dealt with, and continue to deal with, issues that concern human
physical performance.

I know that many of you use surface electromyography to further your
biomechanical studies. We in ISEK also use surface electromyography to
understand the function and usage of muscles. Many of our members have asked
for a one-day course for the specific purpose of updating them on the numerous
developments which have transformed both the use and the usefulness of surface
electromyography. My colleagues and I are planning to give such a course just
prior to the Congress. I expect to review these new developments and methods
and to discuss the physiological and biomechanical corellates of the surface
EMG signal. You will receive further notice as plans materialize.

With warm regards, and in anticipation of seeing you in Baltimore in August
1990, I remain,

Sincerely yours,

Carlo J. DeLuca
President, ISEK