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    Please send queries and replies to the address indicated in the posting.

    > Biomedical Engineer:
    > The principal purpose of this position is to provide science support to
    > the Motor Performance Group (MPG), which is an organizational element of
    > the Neurosciences Laboratory. The Neurosciences Laboratory is a component
    > of the Space Physiology and Countermeasures Department, which implements
    > the scientific objectives of the Human Adaptation and Countermeasures
    > Office at Johnson Space Center.
    > The minimum education for this position is a Master of Science degree in
    > biomechanics, biomedical engineering or a closely related discipline. The
    > incumbent should be skilled in the design, testing, evaluation, and
    > integration of biomedical instrumentation intended for use with human
    > subjects. Experience with biomedical instrumentation and measurements,
    > real-time data acquisition systems, and signal processing is also needed.
    > The incumbent must have a sufficiently advanced knowledge of human
    > physiology to understand biomedical experiments design to characterize the
    > human response to spaceflight and the development of appropriate
    > countermeasures. The incumbent must have advanced computer skills
    > including the ability to develop data acquisition and analysis software
    > for specific laboratory applications. Previous experience with Matlab,
    > LabView, and/or C programming is also a requirement.The incumbent must be
    > experienced in the use of motion tracking systems. The incumbent is
    > required to work with human test subjects, astronauts, and visiting
    > scientists, and consequently must possess excellent communication skills.
    > The incumbent must be familiar with the principles governing human
    > research and with the design of experiments. This position requires U.S.
    > Citizenship.
    > If interested in applying for this position, please contact:
    > Chris Chappell
    > 7007 Gulf Freeway, Suite 228
    > Houston, Texas 77087
    > 713-640-9424 713-640-9430fax

    Ajitkumar P. Mulavara, Ph.D.
    Senior Scientist
    Neuroscience Motion Laboratory
    NASA/Johnson Space Center

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