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H reflex in FCR

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  • H reflex in FCR

    Dear List,

    this is a summary of responses to my query whether the Biopac system would
    have small enough increments in stimulation intensity to evoke an H reflex
    in the FCR. Thanks to all who responded.

    Tibor Hortobgyi

    >From Dr. Hopkins (Ill. State Univ.):
    You may use the Iso B or C stimulator unit from Biopac. However, the Iso B
    does not produce a full msec pulse - it's more like 0.3 msec even though it
    says 1 msec in the stimulator setup. The stimulator setup is very easy to
    use in the software.
    >From Dr.

    >From Dr. Ingersoll (U. Virginia):

    Yes, we have used the BIOPAC stimulator rather successfully. We have
    not tried the FCR, but have had success with the quads, soleus, TA
    and peroneals.

    The stimulation intensity can be controlled digitally, which helps
    with fine adjustment as well as reproducibility.

    >From a BIOPAC rep:

    The STM100C module interfaces with the STMISOC, D and E Isolation
    Adapters. The isolation adapters will provide you with both Current and
    Voltage output options. In the case of the voltage mode the device will
    deliver up to 200 volts. The output range is controlled via the level
    control dial, which is mounted on the front of the STM100C. The dial
    offers fine control from 0 to 100% of the stimulus range.

    The stimulus range is set in the AcqKnowledge software Setup Stimulator
    dialog box. The dialog box will allow you to select from the following
    output options, Square, Sine, Ramp and Arbitrary waveform. Once you have
    selected the output option and range, the STM100C level control dial
    provides adjustment within that range.

    The following links will provide you with some additional information
    about the hardware.

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