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    Recently low-priced highspeed cameras (less than US$ 2000) hit the market
    which use Firewire (IEEE-1394) and deliver up to 80 Hertz (non interlaced).
    They do not use the same Firewire protocol as standard DV camcorders.
    The images are not compressed, so you get a much better quality than DV.
    The drawback is that you cannot use any standard software (Adobe Premiere,
    Ulead or other 'DirectX' or 'Video for Windows' compatible applications). A
    special capture software is needed.

    We have been developing such a software for Basler cameras, including
    support for up to four synchronized cameras. The software handles the
    enormous amount of data (30 MB/s per camera!) and saves directly to the hard
    The whole capture software can be seamlessly integrated into SIMI-Motion
    (2D/3D motion analysis) which allows to acquire synchronous analog data like
    EMG or force plates at the same time.

    The camera's resolution is 640x480 with 80 frames per second. NTSC uses the
    same frame size but 30 frames per second only. With NTSC you can separate
    the frames into their odd and even fields. Then you get 60 Hertz, but only
    640x240 pixels.

    You can use inexpensive standard Firewire cables and boards to connect your
    camera to the computer.
    There are monochrome and color models.


    Thomas Seeholzer
    SIMI Reality Motion Systems GmbH
    Tel: +49 89 321459-0
    Fax: +49 89 321459-16

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    > Subject: [BIOMCH-L] Videocamera for track&field
    > Dear colleges,
    > I am a postgraduate student of the Russian Academy of
    > Physical Education.
    > I am reseaching movements of sportsmen in track&field.
    > Please help me to find information about a videocamera (not
    > 3-D) with the frequency 50 or 100 frames per second.
    > Anton Nazarov
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