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    Position: Post-doctoral Research Fellow

    Place: Physical Rehabilitation Research Centre, School of
    Physiotherapy, Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand

    Tenure: 3 year appointment.

    Salary: $48,000-55,000 (New Zealand dollars) per annum.

    Key skills: A PhD graduate who has undertaken research in
    biomechanics, particularly in the areas of EMG and motion analysis. It
    would be an advantage to have worked with clinical populations.

    Start date: March-June 2003

    Contact: Expressions of interest to Peter J. McNair PhD
    ( by February 10th, 2003.

    Background Information:
    The Physical Rehabilitation Research Centre is a part of the School of
    Physiotherapy at the Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand.
    The Centre undertakes applied research in the areas of Biomechanics and
    Neurophysiology. At this time, there are four staff and ten
    post-graduate students. Students are working on projects at Masters and
    Doctoral level.

    In respect to physical resources, the Centre has three laboratories
    that have specific foci:

    1. Strength and Conditioning Laboratory. This laboratory has a
    Kin-com dynamometer and other strength testing equipment. This
    laboratory also has equipment for the collection and analysis of EMG.

    2. Gait Analysis Laboratory. This laboratory has a motorised
    treadmill, gait walkway with force plate, together with 2-d and 3-d
    video-based motion analysis systems. This Lab is also equipped with EMG
    and electrogoniometers.

    3. Human Neurophysiology Laboratory. This laboratory has a
    magnetic brain stimulator and human nerve and muscle stimulation
    devices, together with other hardware and software that allows the
    collection and analysis of neural impulses from the brain and spinal
    pathways during the performance of upper and lower limb movements.

    The centre has five main research areas: applied muscle physiology and
    mechanics; motor performance in older and disabled adults;
    viscoelasticity of soft tissue; ergonomics; and cortical and spinal
    mechanisms of motor control and therapies. See the following website
    for further information concerning research in these areas:

    The successful applicant will be involved in specific projects in one
    or more of the above areas. In addition to undertaking research,
    occasional lectures/seminars to postgraduate students will be required.
    Furthermore, it is expected that applicants will be involved in the
    writing of funding applications to facilitate on going research.

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