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    If you're ready to dive into the gory details, the answer to your problem
    is in the following paper presented at Siggraph 2002 :

    You may also want to take a look at the Siggraph course "Visualizing
    Quaternions" which could contain some information you haven't incorporated
    into your quaternion interpolation method. In addition it has a "gentle"
    introduction to geometric algebra which is really the basis for the first
    mentioned paper.


    On Thu, 27 Feb 2003, James Coburn wrote:

    > Hello,
    > Recently, I posted a question about interpolating with B-Splines. I
    > am trying to interpolate complete motions and have adapted a quaternion
    > interpolation method to account for the rotations while translations are
    > interpolated using hermite curves. Each of my algorithms work correctly on
    > their own. Combining both translations and rotations into one
    > transformation results in numbers (visualized as animations) that seem to
    > follow an unlikely path.
    > Ideally we are looking for the path of lowest curvature (lowest
    > energy) through all points. It seems that I am not combining the rotation
    > and translation interpolations correctly. One possibility is that because
    > the combination brings each position relatively close to the previous
    > (applied rotations and translations individually makes the object move
    > approximately 5 times as far when they are applied together) errors that
    > could not be seen are now in such close proximity that they are visible.
    > Does anyone have experience interpolating complete transforms,
    > especially using quaternion math?
    > Thank you for any help
    > -James
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