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    We may be interested in collaborating with you on your study. Feel free to email me with more details. We have been interested in expanding our animation capability, and would like to know more about the genetic algorithms you are using. I personally have an interest in algorithms that may be used for movement identification and classification.

    Also, if you could forward this email to your doctoral committee chairman, perhaps we could discuss a more active role, that would include prospective data capture to fine-tune the algorithm. We currently have graduate students collaborating with us from CU Boulder, UCHSC, CSM, UNC, and since I have a graduate school appointment in the University of Colorado system, we may be able to form a mutually benficial collaboration.

    Best regards,
    James J. Carollo, Ph.D., P.E.
    Director, Center for Gait and Movement Analysis (CGMA)
    The Children's Hospital, Denver
    Assistant Professor, Rehabilitation Medicine and Orthopaedics Departments
    University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
    Research Assistant Professor, Engineering Division
    Colorado School of Mines

    1056 East 19th Ave., B476, Denver, CO 80218
    voice: 303-864-5805 fax: 303-864-5815

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    1. emg timing
    2. 3D data

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    Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2003 21:09:28 +1300
    From: Hamish Ashton
    Subject: emg timing

    hi all
    I am doing a little pilot experiment looking at the timing (onset =
    activation etc) of the leg muscles during gait in barefoot and in =
    "supportive" sports shoes. Does anyone know of a paper that has =
    established these norms
    thanks in advance

    Hamish Ashton=20
    Physiotherapist / sports science student
    New Zealand


    Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2003 15:39:34 EST
    From: Kip Knight - UCCS Computer Science
    Subject: 3D data

    This may be old info but I am looking for 3D data for my Ph.D. dissertation.
    I am animating an articulated human figure with genetic algorithms to learn
    how to move. The figure will learn by "seeing" motion capture data and
    following a little physics. The data I need is full body, 3D positional
    with time for various motion regimes. I hope for walking, stairs, turning a
    corner, running, ... (the basic motions). The data must be "live", that is,
    not on a treadmill. Any amount of data will be helpful. Thank you in

    Kip Knight
    Computer Science Department
    University of Colorado, Colorado Springs


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