The Biomechanics and Motor Control Group at the Karolinska Institute
( ) and University College of
Physical Education and Sports ( )
is seeking applicants for the Fall of 2003 for the PhD program in
Neuroscience. We offer a four year PhD program which includes both
course work (in English) and thesis. The applicant's area of study
should be closely aligned to the research area of peripheral, spinal and
cortical contributions to different muscle action types. Students should
posses a Masters Degree in Motor Control/Biomechanics within the areas
of Neuroscience, Exercise Science or Physical Therapy. Experience with
collection and analysis of human movement data, EMG collection, computer
programming and data analysis is desirable. Interested students are
encouraged to contact either Andrew Cresswell or Alf Thorstensson using
the information listed below by March 25th for consideration for
financial support.

Andrew G Cresswell, Associate Professor
Alf Thorstensson, Professor

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