If I may throw out a question for consideration...

I am not only interested in human walking, but have taken a serious look at the tracks attributed to a purported north American ape, a.k.a. sasquatch, bigfoot, as well as the notorious and intriguing film footage by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin of a an apparent female bigfoot in northern California, in 1967. My question -- who in your collective opinion would be willing to go on record giving an unbiased objective assessment of the kinematics of the subject featured in the film, in terms of current knowledge of human locomotion, commenting also on the appearance of the musculature and possible pathologies, etc. -- someone whose stature in the field and informed opinion would throw some weight on the matter, one way or the other, instead of the cliche' dismissive comments? (I routinely put my PT students through this exercise when they are mastering the elements of human gait) It seems an exercise long overdue.

Jeff Meldrum
Idaho State University

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