A course on Bone Cell and Tissue Mechanics will be given this
year in the week of July 14-18, 2003 in Udine, Italy at the CISM -
International Centre for Mechanical Sciences-in the Palazzo del
Torso. This course was last given in 1999 (and before that in 1995
and 1987). A description of the course and the names of the lecturers
are given below. In the past the audience has been as diverse in
background as the lecturers, that is to say spanning the spectrum
from biologists and veterinarians to structural and biomedical
engineers. Contact the CISM for further information,


Bone mechanics is considered here to include the mechanical
behavior of whole bones as structural elements, the mechanical
behavior of bone tissue as a material, the response of bone cells to
mechanical and electrokinetic stimuli and the physiological
significance of the mechanical behavior. Specialists in orthopaedics,
dentistry, biochemistry and molecular and cellular biology as well as
biomechanics are involved in the bone cell and tissue mechanics. This
topic has only formalized into a distinct discipline in the last
thirty years. During this period the salient mechanical properties of
bone have been determined, but the salient mechanical properties of
bone cells are only now being studied.

Bone remodeling is the primary research area in bone
mechanics. Bone remodeling is a term used to describe the renewal and
redevelopment of bone tissue as it adapts to altered load bearing.
That is to say, in the course of time bone changes its shape, its
apparent density, and its stiffness to adapt to the environmental
load it experiences. In engineering terminology, bone is an optimum
composite and the skeletal system is an optimal structure. The
cellular mechanisms that constitute the mechanosensory system in bone
tissue and drive the adaptive remodeling are unknown at the present
time, but there are several promising candidates for the
mechanosensory system.

The subject of bone mechanics is basic to the design of
orthopaedic implanted prostheses such as artificial hips, knees,
finger joints, as well as dental implants. The engineering design of
these orthopaedic and dental appliances is less than thirty years old
and still in a state of evolution. It is a major manufacturing

The goal of this course will be to review the entire area of
bone cell and tissue mechanics, with an emphasis on bone remodeling.
Besides being informative, it is hoped that the course will function
as a forum for the exchange of data, philosophy, and ideas across
disciplinary divides and so provide further stimulus for a
comprehensive approach to the problems of bone mechanics.


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