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New Additions to ISBweb Software and Data Resources

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  • New Additions to ISBweb Software and Data Resources

    I'm pleased to announce two new contributions the ISBweb's Software & Data

    Jim Patton of Northwestern University ( has
    contributed the Matlab source code for generating the stability boundaries
    described in Pai, Y. C., Patton, J., L., (1997) "Center of mass
    velocity-position predictions for balance control" Journal of Biomechanics,
    30(4): 347-354. (Even if you are not a balance, stability, or robotics
    specialist, it's fascinating to watch this one run)

    Edmund Cramp ( of Motion Lab Systems, Inc. maintains the C3D
    motion capture file format. C3D is a binary, 3D motion & analog data file
    format that is supported by many of the popular 3D systems used in
    biomechanics. Edmund has provided some goodies from the C3D website for the
    ISB archives, including details of the C3D format and a software SDK for
    developing C3D-based applications.

    The new software and data can be found at

    The ISB's software and data archive is a great way of sharing your work with
    the biomechanics community. If you are interested in contributing, please go
    to for instructions.

    Thanks to Jim and Edmund for their contributions.

    Martyn Shorten
    ISB Informatics
    ISB Home Page:

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