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Summary: dummy model for Visual Nastran

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  • Summary: dummy model for Visual Nastran

    Dear Colleagues,

    Here are the responses I recieved for the question I posted some days ago.

    Thanks for all the contributions!



    Original Message

    Dear Colleagues,

    I would like to investigate the effect of seat belt anchorage positions in a car
    crash test. To do this I am looking for human body/dummy models built to run with
    Visual Nastran 4D or Adams.
    Anybody knows where I can find a model like this?

    Yours sincerely,

    Luciano Menegaldo, Ph.D.
    São Paulo State Institute for Technological Resarch (IPT)
    Control Systems Group
    São Paulo, Brazil


    Hi Luciano,

    I need the model for lifting, and I already asked the same question a month ago.
    Please let me know when you get the model. I need to run it in Visual Nastran.


    .................................................. .............................
    Mohammad Abdoli Eramaki, MSc
    PhD student,
    Biomechanics & Ergonomics lab,
    Physical & Health Education,
    Queen's University,
    Kingston, Canada K7L 3N6

    LAB: (613) 533-2658
    FAX: (613) 533-2009
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    I used to work for Ford on crash test simulations and one of the things we
    looked at was seat belt anchoring position. We used MADYMO
    (, a rigid body modeler that is similar to ADAMs. I know
    that MADYMO had an extensive and heavily validated library of models of all
    of the Hybrid III crash test dummies used in car crash tests in the United
    States. If any human or dummy models exist in Nastran or ADAMs, I don't
    know where to find them, but if you can switch to MADYMO you should be able
    to get any dummy model from the company.

    Brian Schulz
    Biomedical Engineering Doctoral Student
    University of Michigan

    Caro Luciano,

    Espero que tudo esteja bem.

    Seguem duas referências:
    - SAE
    Occupant Protection and Crashworthiness Technology Collection on CD-ROM:

    - NexGen Ergonomics

    Caso você tenha dificuldade em encontrar boas referências, eu posso tentar contactar
    um amigo que trabalha na engenharia de manufatura da VW. Talvez ele consiga algum
    material de pesquisa.

    Wagner de Godoy

    Letme know of models you will find for Visual Nastran

    George Bertos

    Hello Dr. Menegaldo,

    I must chime in on this one.

    If you are looking for a software product to create human models (crash dummies)
    which run in ADAMS please consider LifeMOD from the Biomechanics Research Group,
    Inc. (See

    My company has over 16 years experience in creating human models using ADAMS for
    various commercial enterprises and research institutions and LifeMOD represents a
    culmination of all the tools and methods developed over the years. Today, LifeMOD
    has a very large user base and has been used quite successfully to create human
    models for the study of injury in scenarios regarding automobiles, motorcycle,
    bicycles, wheelchairs, stilts, amusement rides, and animals.

    I will admit up front, that LifeMOD is no Madymo. However, in addition to crash
    studies, LifeMOD can be used to develop scalable musculoskeletal models for the
    evaluation of gait, rehabilitation protocols, new joint replacement devices, spinal
    fixation strategies, surgical intervention strategies, motorcycle control, sports
    performance and equipment design, etc. It has proven to be quite a useful tool in
    the university setting to provide students with an exposure to many areas of
    biomechanics simulation.

    Please see for technical background, case studies and software


    Shawn McGuan

    2730 Camino Capistrano, Suite 7
    San Clemente, CA 92672
    Tel/Fax949) 366-6829 Cell: (949) 378-3232

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