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Multi-Joint Movement Measures and Lower Extremity Motion

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  • Multi-Joint Movement Measures and Lower Extremity Motion

    Colleagues, I am interested in studying ankle movements in conjunction with
    knee motion. Measures of movement accuracy or detection of movement are
    typically performed at either the knee or ankle in isolation from one

    I am looking for a system that can control both knee and ankle displacement
    and movement velocity. I do have access to a Biodex System 3 and am
    considering using this to control the knee. In this case I need to
    interface an ankle system with the existing Biodex System 3.

    Can anyone recommend a system (i.e. servomotors, linear actuators,
    mechanical linkage...) that either...
    1. Simultaneously Control ankle and knee position and movement
    velocity or...
    2. A light-weight apparatus that can easily be attached to an
    existing Biodex apparatus?

    In either case this device should independently control both
    position/velocity while providing accurate measures. In addition, noise and
    vibration created by this device should be negligible, minimizing unwanted
    feedback to subjects being tested.

    Below are some references that have used some commercial units or a custom
    device to measure single joint movements.

    I appreciate all comments regarding the instrumentation as well as the
    approach stated above. All comments will be posted.

    1. Aydin, T., Yildiz, Y., Yildiz, C., Atesalp, S. and Kalyon, T.A. (2002)
    Proprioception of the ankle: a comparison between female teenaged gymnasts
    and controls. Foot Ankle Int. 23: 123-9.
    2. Barrack, R.L., Skinner, H.B., Brunet, M.E. and Cook, S.D. (1983) Joint
    laxity and proprioception in the knee. Physician and Sportsmedicine.
    3. Konradson, L., Raven, J.B., Sorensen, A.I., (1993) Proprioception at the
    ankle: the effect of anesthesia. J Bone Joint Surg Br. 75:433-436.
    4. Lephart, S.M., Kocher, M., Fu, F.H. (1992) Proprioception following ACL
    reconstruction. J Sport Rehab. 1: 188-190.
    5. Refshauge, K.M., Kilbreath, S.L., Raymond, J. (2000). The effect of
    recurrent ankle inversion sprain and taping on proprioception at the ankle.
    Med Sci Sports Exerc. 32:10-15.
    6. Weiler, H.T. and Awiszus, F. (2000) Differences between motion-direction
    perception and unspecific motion perception in the human knee joint. Exp
    Brain Res 132, 523-30.

    Thanks in advance.

    Timothy J. Brindle PhD, PT, ATC
    Postdoctoral Research Physical Therapist
    Physical Disabilities Branch
    Building 10 Room 6s235
    10 Center Drive MCS 1604
    National Institutes of Health
    Bethesda, MD 20892-1604
    Phone: 301.451.4927
    Voicemail: 301.443-8000x10501
    Fax: 301.480.9896

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