Dear Colleagues,

I am looking for data regarding the timing of activation and inactivation
of different limb muscles during human motion (probably from EMG data). I
am trying to relate these "on and off" (activation and inactivation) time
points with salient kinematical events of walking like extrema of joint
positions and angles. Any data associating muscle activation timing and
kinematics would be very helpful. I'm sure this has been done many years
back - I just don't know where to find accurate data.

I initially looked into the book "Human Walking" by Inman et al. They had
pictorial representation of the limb position and muscle activation but
they only had a few frames to describe a full walking stride. The ISB
database had some EMG data with better resolution (20 ms per frame), but
there is no kinematic data along with it. Also, this database only had
data on walking, I'm looking to compare different gaits as well.

Could someone point me to the right place ?

Sandhitsu Das
University if Pennsylvania

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