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Physical Disabilities Through the Lifespan
July 21-22, 2003
Natcher Conference Center, National Institutes of Health
Bethesda, MD

In developed nations, improvements in health care have resulted in an
unprecedented increase in the numbers of older individuals- and individuals
with disabilities- who are living longer, more active lives. The increase in
the number of aging persons with disabilities is the result of more
individuals with serious disabilities living longer and of the accumulation
of disabilities associated with a larger aging population.

This conference will focus on the special problems faced by individuals with
physical disabilities across the lifespan as they seek more productive roles
in society. The goal of the conference will be to set a research agenda to:

* Identify gaps in scientific knowledge about the special
problems of aging for individuals with disabilities, and
* Inform public policy on issues related to aging and

Plenary sessions are designed to provide a common frame of reference for all
participants on broad issues such as demography of disability, the
biological processes of aging that affect all individuals, and consumer
participation in research and policy.

Breakout sessions are constructed to address crosscutting issues that affect
many disability groups, as well as issues specific to individual disability
areas. The charge to each breakout session is to determine the questions
that need to be answered to advance science and to inform public policy.

Who should attend? Scientists, Policy Makers, Researchers, Physical
Therapists, Clinicians, and Individuals with Disabilities.

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