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Impact forces of karate punches

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  • Impact forces of karate punches

    Dear Biomch-Listers,

    A MS student in Physical Education at Blaise Pascal University is planning
    to measure the impact force of some karate punch techniques. From his search
    in different databases (PubMed, Herakles; keywords: biomechanics, karate,
    martial arts), he only found a very few relevant references where impact
    forces were measured in various fighting sports. Among these, was the

    J. Atha, M.R. Yeadon, J. Sandover and K. Pearson (1984). Measuring the
    mechanical properties of a heavyweight's punch. J. of Sports Sciences (UK),
    2(3): 188-189.

    Unfortunately, this paper is only an abstract of a Sports Sciences
    Conference, so measurement and computing methods are not fully described.
    The very poor results of this bibliographic search lead me to ask you:

    - Has the above study been fully described in some scientific article(s)? Or
    can the authors contact me and give some more information?

    - Does somebody know if other studies have already been done on the same
    purpose in any fighting sport?

    For those interested, I'll post a complete summary of the collected

    Many thanks in advance.

    Philippe VASLIN (Ph.D.)
    LIMOS (UMR 6158 CNRS)
    Université Blaise Pascal
    ISIMA - B.P.10125
    63173 AUBIERE CEDEX - France
    Tel : + 33 (0) 473 405 038
    Fax : + 33 (0) 473 405 001

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