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Treadmill training for CP children

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  • Treadmill training for CP children

    Dear subscriber:

    I had a visitor coming for orthopedic shoes, who is 6 years old girl, minor hip subluxation, needs the shoes for treadmill training with 67m/sec 30 minutes a day. This induced my query and read the references from

    The recent researches from

    C. Schwarz, I. Schinkel, M. Dreesmann, M. Leisten, I. Rolff, M. Goelge, J. P. Kuhtz-Buschbeck, M. Rossa, K. Carlsen, U. Kalbe, M. Illert Treadmill training in children with cerebral palsy
    Schindl MR, Forstner C, Kern H, Hesse S Treadmill training with partial body weight support in nonambulatory patients with cerebral palsy. Arch Phys Med Rehabil 2000 Mar;81(3):301-6

    The results showed that the training helped to increase the walking ability such as speed, cadence, walking distance, independent waling ability.

    My questions are:

    Will this type of training further induce the spastic and promote the joint subluxation, limb rotation?

    The walking ability may be improved but should have no effect on the gait pattern from normal children?

    What types of footwear is needed with or without AFO

    Total weight or partial weight

    What type of CP is suitable for this type of training?

    What is the suitable walking speed 3Km/Hr (40cm steps length, 130 steps/min) or 4Km/Hr steps/min?

    I appreciate your response that may help the girl having a right rehab program

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