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Proximal tibia: Mech properties of Cortical bone at the

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  • Proximal tibia: Mech properties of Cortical bone at the

    Hello All:

    I am develop├Čng a FE model to study the influence of patient specific bone mechanical properties in the outcome of TKR. As for now, I am concerned with the properties of the cortical bone at the proximal tibia, ie. the metaphyseal shell and the subchondral plate.

    I have conducted a wide literature review and found not much. At first, when I found that a lot of research was being conducted on spongy bone properties in the last years, I tought that everything should have been done before for cortical bone, but the fact is that I do not find what I need.

    Most articles found are quite old (late 70's, early 80's) and refered mainly to the diaphyseal compact bone. The mechanical properties of compact bone at the tibial diaphysis are found to be transversly isotropic, and some papers relate them to apparent density and CT attenuation coeficient(althought poorly). Some FE models of the proximal tibia developed for several pourposes use this same assumption(orthotropy) and data from the diaphysis, for the metaphyseal shell. Other models assume isotropy for the cortical bone at the metaphysis, with considerably reduced elastic moduli as measured by Murray et al back in 1984. Finally I have also found a model which distinguished between dense trabecular bone at the epyphisis and metaphyseal shell underneath of it.

    So the questions I want to adress are:

    - Does anybody know where can I find data related to the mechanical properties of compact bone at the proximal tibia, other than the reference already mentioned.

    - Is cortical bone clearly transversely isotropic at this location?

    - Are thisproperties related to any physical or structural parameters easily measurable?

    I would also appreciate a lot if anyone could provide me with a copy of the article of Murray et al. I have already requested it officially, but it is taking too long. The complete reference is:

    Murray, RP; Hayes, WC; Edwarards, WT; Harry JD: Mechanical properties of the subchondral plate and the metaphyseal shell. Trans Orthop Res Soc: 9, 197, 1984

    Thanks. If there are enough responses, I will post a reply.

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