Dear all,

My name is Daniel Suarez, I'm a researcher of Biomedical Engineering Group of
the University of Los Andes, Bogotá-Colombia.

Actually, I'm working (with Juan Carlos Gonzalez MD, Fundacion Santafe, Bogota,
Colombia) in a computer model of the rotator cuff using finite element
analysis, we have already tested some fresh cadaver rotator cuffs specimens in
an Instrom machine to have some preliminary data for our model, but there are
two important variables that we don't have:

The friction coefficient between the tendon and the head of the humerus, and
The Rotator Cuff Poisson ratio (3D).

We were wondering if somebody knew these figures and if so, could you help us
with some input?

Thank you very much,

Daniel R. Suarez Venegas ME, M.Sc.
Assistant Professor Researcher
Engineering School Biomedical Engineering Group
Javeriana University University of Los Andes
Bogotá Colombia Bogotá Colombia
TEL: (571) 3208320 Ext. 5371
FAX: (571) 3208155

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