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Re: Dental project(s) & robotics in biomechanics

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  • Re: Dental project(s) & robotics in biomechanics

    Here are some citations that may be useful to you regarding the use of
    robotics in denistry:

    Fortin, Thomas. Champleboux, Guillaume. Bianchi, Silvio. Buatois, Herve.
    Coudert, Jean-Loup. Precision of transfer of preoperative planning for
    oral implants based on cone-beam CT-scan images through a robotic drilling
    machine: An in vitro study. Clinical Oral Implants Research.
    13(6):651-656, December 2002.

    Birkfellner, Wolfgang. Solar, Peter. Gahleitner, Andre. Huber, Klaus.
    Kainberger, Franz. Kettenbach, Joachim. Homolka, Peter. Diemling, Markus.
    Watzek, Georg. Bergmann, Helmar. In-vitro assessment of a registration
    protocol for image guided implant dentistry. Clinical Oral Implants
    Research. 12(1):69-78, February 2001.

    Takanobu, H. 1. Yajima, T. 1. Takanishi, A. 1. Ohtsuki, K. 2. Ohnishi, M.
    2. Dental Robotics - Development of a mouth opening and closing training
    apparatus using a computer-controlled robot 3. International
    Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery - Supplement. 26 SUPPLEMENT NO.
    1:271-272, 1997.

    Robotics in dentistry. Journal of the American Dental Association.
    132(8):1095, 2001 Aug.

    Freitas RA Jr.. Nanodentistry. Journal of the American Dental
    Association. 131(11):1559-65, 2000 Nov

    Burdea GC. Dunn SM. Levy G. Evaluation of robot-based registration for
    subtraction radiography. Medical Image Analysis. 3(3):265-74, 1999 Sep

    An in vitro study of implant--tooth-supported connections using a robot
    test system.
    Author: Wang, L.; Sadler, J. P.; Breeding, L. C.
    Source: Journal of Biomechanical Engineering
    v. 121 no. 3 June 1999 p. 290-7

    I hope that these citations will be helpful to you.

    David Dillard
    Temple University
    (215) 204 - 4584

    On Sat, 24 May 2003, Alireza Abouhossein wrote:

    > Hi there,
    > I was wondering if anyone can direct me to some
    > research or project (i.e. paper, web site and etc.) in
    > area of robotics in dental issues particurarly where
    > motion, either dentist or jaw, is concerned. I did
    > some search on google and biomch-L but I wasn't very
    > successful.
    > of course a summary will be posted.
    > Best regards,
    > Alireza
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